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Welcome to Body and Soul Naturals Skin Care!

Body and Soul Naturals was founded in 2011. My daughter and I have sensitivity to harsh skin care products and so, I wanted to create a product line that would solve common skin concerns gently.  It took a few years of research and trial to create our first goat milk body lotion. We found the benefits of goat milk in our body lotion to be exactly what we were looking for. Conditioning, hydrating, restoring, PH balanced, non-greasy and light in texture for quick absorption are the qualities our lotion needed to provide for all skin types.

Since then, we have grown to offer more than 40 products including an pro-age line for mature skin and we are still evolving. We take much pride in creating safe, handmade skin care products. Our products are 90% to 95% natural and we source top quality ingredients. We do not ever test on animals. You will find that we are as transparent as possible when it comes to the ingredients we use and those that we do not.

We welcome you and will continue to evolve our skin care products for many years to come!

Happy Skin, Happy Life!

Beth Tender
Founder, CEO
Body and Soul Naturals

Handmade All skin types Botanicals cruelty-free Natural-ingredients Alcohol-Free Gluten-Free Formaldehyde-Free Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Preservative-Free Soy-Free Sulfate-Free sustainable Vegan Made in USA

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